Monday, March 9, 2015

It's Time

I've played around enough with the blog widgets and gadgets. This weekend we gave our living room (and my writing space) a makeover. I've been admonished by my 13-year-old: "You're writing a blog? Just don't embarrass me." It's time. I have to start writing. Something.
I've actually been writing a blog for work for a few years now. But that covers "what's happening in the children's department of my Library" - not "what's happening in the writing department of my life". This one is a little scary.
I've always said with regard to projects that I need a deadline. Thursday, I am off to a Writer's Retreat weekend where I will hopefully begin getting serious about this writing for children thing. I can't wait. I will report back to you, my fellow writers and readers, and you can join me on this journey. It's time.


  1. I love makeovers and fresh starts! Best of luck to you - nothing more daunting or exciting than the blank page. I'll be rooting for you!

    1. Thanks Nancy! Had a great weekend. I'm sure Jill and I will share all the details soon!