Eileen M. Washburn

I've always been a writer, but I didn't admit it until my 40s. I've called myself a journalist, an editor,and a librarian, but a writer?
I was raised by a single mother who sometimes had to go into the office on Saturdays, so I got to tag along. It was there, on her electric typewriter, where I started writing stories about Eggbert. The stories have long since disappeared, and I can't even remember if Eggbert was a person or an egg or...? But that's where it began.
I went on to be the Editor of my high school newspaper and yearbook, work on the staff of my college newspaper, and graduate as a Journalism undergrad. After a newspaper internship and one interesting summer driving around Connecticut writing for those roadside travel guides, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with my writing. So I took 15 years off and became a Children's Librarian!

And here I am again.
A while back I wrote a middle-grade novel that won an award and led me here to this blog, to 2 wonderful NESCBWI critique groups, and hopefully to a future that involves writing, once again. Because apparently, I am a writer.

Here's my first official published piece, from my elementary school newsletter. It was my attempt at free verse poetry. "Furry fur", haha...

And for the record, my cat was named Snoopy. We'll blame the editors for that typo. Here I am with my muse:

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