Sunday, April 5, 2015


"Apply butt to chair." The first piece of writing advice that ever stuck. It seems fairly simple, yet I have such a hard time with it. I do my best writing while driving in my car. Alone. (Fear not! The writing is in my head, not on the steering wheel.) Writing with pen and paper on the couch works sometimes too. But I have difficulty with the whole, "set aside a certain time each day and sit at the computer and write" thing.
Today for instance, is Easter Sunday and I am home alone with a pukey kid while everyone else is off celebrating. She is napping, and I have procrastinated by playing games on my phone, raiding the kids' candy stash, painting a piece of furniture, and now, blogging.
I don't fully understand how I can want to write, NEED to write, then avoid writing at all costs. Once I get started, I'm good to go. I can get lost in it and completely lose track of time. But getting there is tough.
ABC...I have changed it to "Avoid Book at all Costs".
Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Writing.


  1. You are not alone!! It's amazing how many things we can lay in our own paths. The state of my house is always a good indicator of how my writing week is going. Dirty house = lots of productive writing time. So, I'm wishing you a messy house this spring!
    Sorry you had a sickie on Easter. But you DID write - this post is proof.

  2. Thanks Nancy! You are an awesome cheerleader, and I can't wait to tell my husband that a messy house really is a good thing! (I still have the exclamation problem)
    Happy Spring to you too!