Monday, August 17, 2015

Prepare for the Creative Randomness

I'm not the neatest person when it comes to most things, but I am pretty good at maintaining and organizing my family pictures. See here:

Photos from my digital SLR and iphone are added by month and year, and sometimes special categories like trips, etc. But since I'm always snapping pictures of random things, I find photos here and there that aren't anything I need to keep, but I feel the need to share with someone. So you, lucky reader, are getting a glimpse today at the random pictures I've taken over the last year and a half - never fear, they generally have something to do with books, writing, or creating - I think. 

My neighbor's daughter created this awesome display of altered books for one of her college classes. What I find amazing is the time it must have taken - I would never have spent that much time in college on a project!
 The  New Britain Museum of American Art is located in the city I grew up in, and has always been a favorite place of mine. Last year they had an exhibit on Maurice Sendak that I brought my girls to. (I can never resist sticking my head in those holes).
I took a pic of this book, which was included in a display of all of Sendak's written or illustrated books on a wall. I was a teaching assistant under Francelia Butler at the University of Connecticut one semester for a Children's Literature course. She was a great lady who was so knowledgeable about her field - she is truly missed.
 This next 'selfie' is of myself and author Lisa Papademetriou, taken at a NESCBWI Conference. Despite the fact that our noses look weird, I'm including it because she was such a great speaker. She was truly inspirational and left us with this great quote, "Sucking at something is the first step to becoming sorta good at something." Thanks Lisa! Check her out here:

I often find myself wandering in book stores, as you may too. I found this in something I can't recall, but I liked it because I too, often hang out in the 'dark night of the soul' area.
But then, I see stuff like this below, and feel like I should be a happier person, so I go with it.

Sometimes, this is required to get from dark night to amazing day. I can't say enough about this particular flavor - visit Salem Valley Farms and try it for yourself!

 The next set of random pics were taken at School Library Journal's Day of Dialogue and Book Expo in 2014. My co-worker Patty and I were starstruck to meet these people! Lois Ehlert (how about an honorary Caldecott for this lady?), Raina Telgemeier (who's cooler than her), Chris Raschka (like him better with a haircut), I Wonder if that's R.J. Palacio (couldn't help it), and just for kicks, Alan Cumming who had a book coming out.

 This one is just funny and qualifies because cookbooks are well, books. Taken at the Brooklyn Flea Market, this is my co-worker and often times partner in crime Patty trying to look nonchalant after she discovers chef Paul Prudhomme. The face cracks me up.

And finally, some words of wisdom from a phone screenshot - maybe it explains this entire post. I like to think I often love the crap out of everything, which is why I take so many pictures!


  1. I love the crap out of these pictures. Would love to hear more about Book Expo. Just reading the author's names had me starstruck!
    So much happiness comes from being easily pleased and amused. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Nancy! I'm sad to report that Book Expo is moving to Chicago for 2016 (sad face). But SLJ Day of Dialogue alone may be worth the trip...hmmm