Thursday, June 2, 2016


All writers know that the publishing industry moves SLOOOOWWWWW. But for some reason, the last two months have been torture for me. Maybe it's because I was terribly excited about a few things I sent out or maybe it's because I HAVEN'T HEARD A DARN THING FOR MONTHS!!!

I've resorted to checking my email ALL THE TIME, and then wondering if my submissions ended up as spam. At least one submission was from someone who requested it, so I figured I'd hear sooner rather than later. That was February. 

 HELLO? Anyone out there? Radio silence.

We all know agents are editors are swamped, but the waiting, to quote Tom Petty, IS the hardest part. So here are a few suggestions, if like me, you are stuck waiting for responses, be they good or bad or indifferent.

Check out From the Mixed Up Files of Middle-Grade Authors to see some great books (that aren't yours) coming out this month.

Search for stupid memes to make you laugh so you won't cry.

Revise. Again.

Read. Preferably out on a deck or patio or beach. Yes, Oprah counts.

Check out the movies based on books that are coming out. This is tricky because I sometimes get excited and I sometimes get agita. 

And lastly, some suggestions from 

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  1. Too funny! Too sad. Too true!!